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Hey Bloggers, this is post is differently related to the website but we want to help you how we do this.
we are working on these 3 websites for choosing the best out of all but we notice that 3 of these are working well. So these are below:-
1) Dynalist As the name implies, Dynalist is one of those writing apps that lets you organize your ideas in a dynamic list format. Now, that is just scratching the surface on everything this unique tool can do.

Due to the nature of the app, there are a couple of ways you can go about writing your content.
One of the most popular uses of Dynalist by bloggers is to organize all of their ideas in one place before they start writing at all.
Nested lists’ function in the Dynalist app helps you include sub-headings and sub-ideas into your content creation plan.
Likewise, the added functionality that allows you to upload files to the app makes it easier to keep track of media files that you will like in your post and where.
Another way to write with Dynalist is to go ahead and build your content right from within the app and then export it as an article when you’re done.
Dynalist’s content editor is well suited to bloggers who publish code snippets on their websites due to the advanced markdown function.
Other features you get to enjoy with this app are checkboxes, numbered lists and calendar integrations, to mention but a few.
  • Neat creation of lists and nested items
  • Content upload
  • Handles code snippets excellently
  • Free version with unlimited lists’ support
  • Organizes lists in different folders
  • Sync across multiple devices
  • Option to export lists
  • Support for hyperlinking
  • Sharing and collaboration on lists
  • Limited in not being a full-blown content writing app
2) Evernote - When it comes to the subject of note taking, there is really no other writing application that beats Evernote.
 Having been around for a while now, Evernote is topping the charts for more reasons than one.
It has kept a reputation as one of the oldest ‘online notebooks’ writers have had. This is made possible with the cloud-based support in the app, helping you store all notes you make for later access.
Speaking of access, Evernote also integrates a multiple platform system, allowing you to check content from any device at all. As long as your unit is connected to the internet, you can always view your Evernote content on the go.
Perhaps one of the most important note-taking abilities of this writing software comes in its allowance of audio notes. Even if you were so hard pressed that you couldn’t type, you could simply record your ideas and listen to them later.
It would be an injustice to talk about everything Evernote has in store for bloggers without mentioning its social media support. Allowing you post content to all of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more with a simple tap, getting your message in front of your audience just got even better.
  • Makes taking notes effortless
  • Cloud support for files
  • Syncing between multiple devices
  • Social media integrations allow easy sharing of ideas
  • Users can create audio notes
  • Notepad can also be used to make sketches
  • Requires almost no training to get started
  • Fast and effective document search
  • Freemium service is too restrictive
  • No restriction on content deletion (anyone can delete any file)
3) Google Docs - Google Docs is fast becoming one of the most widely used content writing apps in the world, and it is not hard to see why that is.
The software is made entirely free to users and only needs the ownership of a Gmail account (also free) to gain access. That is not even the best part.
Google Docs allows multiple users to collaborate on the same document in real-time, working on writing or editing with everyone being kept in the loop of what went where.
A powerful dashboard brings all the tools a writer needs to start and finish their writing in the same place. That is not to mention the distraction-free writing mode it brings on board too.
One useful feature that many overlooks is the ‘Save as you go’ feature built into the software.
Combined with cloud support (and a massive 15GB of FREE storage space to match), there is no limit to what you can create. Even the paid plans offer so much more for so much less.
When multiple collaborators are working in the Google Docs section, you have the ability to create document privacy settings for each individual.
With that, you will be giving trusted people access to edit while others might have lesser roles (simply reading, in a lot of cases)
Coming with support for mobile apps on all platforms, content can be created and edited on the go.
  • Allows collaboration among multiple users with different permissions
  • Freemium account allows you do so much
  • Content created is usually ready to publish
  • The dashboard is loaded with important writing and editing tools
  • File/content upload is seamless
  • Cloud storage allows for on-the-go content access
  • Syncing between multiple devices/platforms is possible
  • Unique links can be generated to each created content for easy sharing/referencing
  • Doesn’t come with a large template library
  • Formatting issues sometimes occur with copying and pasting

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