Best New iOS 12 Features (and 6 Features We Didn’t Get)

WWDC: An Apple fan’s second Christmas. The event where Apple gives developers the tools and tutorials to make our digital dreams come true. But, better still, the infamous keynote address.
This year’s WWDC was an all software, no hardware event; and one of the most important announcements was iOS 12 — the latest operating system for iPhone.
Craig Federighi (aka Hair Force One) and team introduced us to the 12th iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system. There are many new features and improvements, including faster performance on older devices, filters and stickers for FaceTime and photos in Messages, and insights into how you and your kids spend your time using iOS.
In addition, iOS 12 has new photo sharing capabilities that make it easy to find and share photos between friends from particular events. There are updated Stocks, News, and Voice Memos apps. CarPlay supports third-party navigation apps. iBooks is just called Books. And much more.
But even with so many new things, some features stood out more than others. Of course, there are always things customers want that don’t make the cut. Let’s take a quick look at the best features in iOS 12 and, the ones some of us wanted, but didn’t get.

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