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The iPhone X undoubtedly costs a hefty chunk of change. When it launched, its $999 price tag made it the most expensive iPhone ever birthed by Cupertino.
That was compounded by the fact that the iPhone X, on average, costs more to buy in other countries — as we’ve covered before. But a recently published report by Swiss bank UBS simplifies that information with an easier-to-understand metric: how many days you’d have to work to buy one.
UBS put together the information by analyzing the local price of an iPhone, along with the average salary across 15 different professions (based on an eight-hour workday). Combined, that allowed them to derive the number of days that a person in that city would have to work to earn enough cash for an iPhone X.
If you live in New York City, you’d have to work about 6.7 days to pick an iPhone X. While a week’s pay for a smartphone may sound like a lot, the disparity becomes even more apparent in other regions.
The average person in Lagos, Nigeria would have to work 133.3 days to buy Apple’s latest and greatest.
In Beijing, China, a worker would have to put into 39.3 days of labor to net the latest iPhone.
UBS takes it a step further, however. While the iPhone X is a tech device, and something many would argue is an unnecessary luxury, the data has wider implications. UBS says the latest Apple flagship could be a representative product to “compare cost of living worldwide.”
Despite its high cost and analyst concerns that it could flop, the iPhone X has achieved surprising success. According to Apple’s latest fiscal quarter earnings call, the iPhone X netted better-than-expected results.
Still, the iPhone (and many other premium tech products) is still prohibitively pricey in many regions. Perhaps in an effort to counter that, Apple is rumored to be developing several more budget-friendly products — including a handset with iPhone X features at a lower price point.
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