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s we know we are getting trapped via the internet and online earning so much. Everybody wants to earn online like many are doing an example - moneyconexion.com, shoutmeloud etc. There earning is in 5 digits dollars. Now the question is how they are making money? 

Two ways are there for the successful  bloggers  that are affiliate marketing and advertisement
As what they did is they select trending topics which always on trending that is SEO GUIDE, HOW TO DO SEO IN 2018/2019, SEO GUIDE, SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING, HOW TO EARN ONLINE, HOW TO EARN FROM ONLINE SURVEYS, MANY MORE….

Whats bloggers used to do they just select a topic may be it is subcategory and start making content on it. Some examples that are how to stop hair fall, how to lose belly fat, how to lose inches these are some topics which always on trend.  

What Google says?

Google say write a content which the audience wants. And write unique and simple content. Which is friendly with user…

How to know what type of content audience wants another big question?

Research on the internet what people are searching for more information check google trends what keywords are on trend and which articles are on trend.

Now I have some topics which are India’s most trending topics and always will be:

  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Health Tips
  • Hair Tips
  • Earning Online Money
  • Doing Vlogs ( Video Blogging)
  • Youtube
  • Online Surveys

How to start with Blogging 2019?  
What to do .. Where to do …. How to do

Select the topic niche for blogging. Must be trending or topic should relevant and a user-friendly topic
Purchase Domain from GoDaddy, Name cheap and hosting from Bluehost if a money does not matter to you and if you want to host free you may go for Cloudfare.com
Start writing on the topic
Note - it should be unique. Not copied content Visit Copyscape for checking the matched content.
But do not write copied content.

Content should be clear and simple so the audience can understand it and implement it user should be satisfied by your content.

Content should contain a long tail keyword for ranking basis.

For example, highlight the keyword
How to start blogging in 2019, how to lose belly fat, lose belly fat etc.

Hope this is cleared any query leave a comment ..explaining you in a simple ways

Connect your blog with Adsense Advertising network or Media.net

What I recommend?
 Please don’t apply for Adsense in starting only wait for 3-4 months drive traffic to your blog so that Google can update it if you will apply it before will not or may be approved depends upon blog type and domain if it matches Google Adsense algorithm it will be approved if not then will not approve.


Keep that sentence in mind in this field you need to work hard or smart first the money is yours.
 Bloggers say that Google Adsense is a blank cheque so it yours choice what amount you want to fill in that cheque.

Now let's discuss Affiliate marketing
 How you can earn from it a rough sketch I will tell you

You can create a drop shipping website like first of all do register with Flipkart affiliate team then create a link of products that you think it will be sold on your website may be its mobile phone , cosmetic item etc all have different commissions if user will purchase product using your link you will get a commission for it.

Affiliate sites are - Amazon, Flipkart and many more

How will you get traffic?

Do SEO if you don’t know what is so search on google implement it many videos available for it
Share your blog in facebook groups google plus community and many more start advertising your blog.

Get set go now start your blog now
 I think this is the first article written by me which is in simple English
Thanks for reading do share it if you like it it will motivate us.

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  1. It’s really useful to the beginners, who ever want to know about this Blog Creation, you are telling whole story which ever is there in content..It’s Very Nice Blog.

    1. Thanks Dude have a good blogging future :)

  2. The blog are the best that is extremely useful to keep.
    I can share the ideas of the future as this is really what I was looking for,
    I am very comfortable and pleased to come here. Thank you very much!
    team vision and mission statement examples

  3. Hello Mr RJ,

    Its very informative article, which will help newbies like me..

    Thanks and keep on writing

  4. Hi RJ,

    I can’t imagine how you write these amazing posts, your blog is a great help for new bloggers. You are sharing everything which is the best part of this blog. I have learned alot from your blog and I almost read your every post.

    Thanks for sharing!


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