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today we are here with are another category article which we post on a particular artist we post it because we love him and his music and whatever he produced so here is a short bio of our favorite Israel artist name Elamar Edwards. we love his music he is also on trend and many followers love his music we have mentioned his Spotify, Instagram and youtube links go follow him and show him some love and support.

My name is Elamar Edwards, born 01/08/1990 in the village of peace Dimona, Israel (Hebrew Israelite Community). I am one of 25 children in my family. I graduated from The Brotherhood School in Dimona. The school greatly contributed to my development. The Brotherhood school is a divine system of education; that doesn’t only educate you, but takes a holistic approach to teach, encouraging you to better the world! I served in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) as well for 3years. I gained discipline, purpose, and drive from my time in the army as well as essential communication skills.

Music has always been a passion of mine, let me tell you why…

Why did I start!

I’ve always been artistic; art soon became my chosen form of expression. From drawing to music, I dabbled in it all. I realized my passion for music after listening to one of our many youth music groups. I instantly knew that was where my future lied.

What kind of music!

My music fits nowhere within the known genres. The music I write and compose does not resonate with the worldly sound. Many of the songs written by me are inspired by my love and respect of women and the feeling one feels when RISING in love.
Working with my awesome producer Moti Simon at “Simon record”  has allowed me to complete the versions I have with each song!
His unconditional professional support allows me to share this positive vibe with you!
Love is all that I have in my heart and music is how I share it.

I thank you for visiting my page, and I ask you to take the journey with me. Listen and enjoy my sound and I encourage you to let me know what you think of it.

I have been armed with the tools to take my rightful spot in the world and be a divine example for others to follow! I am obligated to share and give back what was so preciously shared with me!

Performing at Duet Bar a singers line and dance 

At Cultural Festival 

Follow His music  on Instagram  - Click here


Go Follow Him Click here


Go Follow Him Click Here
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