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With every aspect of living turning digital the few left to be physical are becoming a burden now. it is not preferable or even advisable to carry things around which if lost would be a risk and cause damage. These high-security things are nothing but the cards of permit and identification. Steps are now being taken to make cards like driving license to be preserved on your android to avoid the risk of it getting destroyed or lost.
The main idea is to store your driving license on your android so that it can be produced as and when required. Also, the safety issues are solved by this. A lot can be made easy with this Digital Driving License. Things like checking the age limit can be made easy. It is easy to make duplicate ID cards in the physical world. But with digital storage, duplication will rather be a difficult job.
Though the bright side is too bright to ignore there are other things too of equal importance. Using the Digital Driving License will give you control over who can see your ID cards but the question of who can access is still unanswered.
The person will have comparatively less control over who can access the Digital Driving License. The user can pin-protect the phone and the App that will store the data. But these security measures will safeguard it from the physical world. The virtual world can still break into your phone. And this is a serious issue.
Also, the phone should always be in a state to produce the license. If some internal issues of the phone refrain you from doing the task it will be a difficulty. Google is working on solving these issues.
Researchers are considering a lot of new things in this. Some of them being
IdentityCredential uses the protocol of key exchanges that the ISO18013-5 standard uses for mobile driving license. The identity credential API now only supports the driving licenses but also many other documents like the passports too. Though we won’t be seeing them anytime soon.
Static and dynamic authentication will be the security systems that will protect the documents. The static authentication involves keys that the issuing authority issued. Whereas dynamic authentication involves keys created by the device’s security hardware.
Dynamic authentication is difficult to attack and track user data. This is why it will be of great help.
The android app can present an IdentityCredential by asking it to initiate a wireless connection via NFC. Apps will be guarding these kinds of communications by requesting for permission as dialog boxes or password protections.
Google though starting this project in order to digitize driving licenses, the journey won’t end here. The company looks forward to digitizing all the documents that usually the people need to carry around with them. The research is still on and will be bearing fruits soon is all we can hope as of now. the day this comes true the world will witness digitization of mankind in its true sense.
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