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From 2G to 3G to 4G and now 5G we are only getting better. There have been a lot of concerns surrounding 5G all these days. But times seem to change. Every lock has a key similarly every problem has a solution. 5G is finally a safe network.
The High-Performance Networks research group at the University of Bristol’s Smart Internet Lab carried out some research regarding 5G. Many security vulnerabilities of 5G networks are existing today. The research was followed by a competitive peer review selection process.
The team presented these results at a highly prestigious post-deadline paper in the Optical Fiber Communication Conference, San Diego, USA.
The solution that the team has found enables 5G network operators to offer very secure 5G services and also guaranteeing ultra-low latency and high bandwidth communication. This has become possible due to the novel combination of quantum and infrastructure visualization technologies.
Many of us have seen the telecommunication industry grow and flourish and come to the position it holds today. A lot has changed in these years. The classes of network communication services that have traditionally been the work of proprietary, dedicated hardware have now acquired a virtual face and hosted themselves in commodity computing servers. This is commonly known as “Network Softwareisation”.
The software has now replaced the critical network communication function and distributed itself across the internet. This has imposed significant security risk for telecommunication network especially the 5G network. The 5G network is at a greater risk because it relies completely on the software architectures. Any attempt to tamper with this visualized network functions will put the whole internet and its users at risk.
The researchers have found the answer to this. The new research has addressed this problem with a new, fully programmable network virtualization platform leveraging on Quantum technologies for securing function virtualization and service orchestration.
The proposed quantum-secured 5G virtualization platform has the capability of working across multiple 5G operator networks. it utilizes the advanced and standard complaint virtualization technology to create on-demand complex and collaborative 5G network service for the operators’ domain.
Professor Reza Nejabati, Head of the HPN Research Group said, “Hardware and software technologies reported in this paper can potentially revolutionize 5G networks. They empower network operators to leverage the flexibility and programmability offered by virtualization technology in order to create new types of internet services while taking advantages of transmission at the speed of light and also securing the system using quantum technology”.
5G networks are the future of not only the telecommunication industry but also the world we live in. from a distance, it might seem just a change in the network speed but considering the dependency of us humans on networks this is going to be a milestone in the history of humans too. Humans have always craved from bigger and better things. And it is this undying thirst for advancement that is actually taking us ahead.
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