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Tron - the- most -profitable -crypto

TRON was seen amongst the top gainers in the crypto market this week increasing by 18.36% in the last 7 days with a market cap of around $3bn.
The main idea behind TRON’s blockchain technology is to “heal the internet” by constructing a worldwide free content entertainment system. This allows users to freely publish, store and own data, enabling them to own the rights to their content and make decisions about when, how and at what cost to share it.
n the digital entertainment world, TRON is a new kind of distributed system. It includes everything from streaming video to online gambling to social networks. Here the users themselves own the economy as Justin Sun, the creator of TRON wanted it to be.
Twitter username Wolf of Crypto, a Crypto investor, and a TRON enthusiast says:
Just talked to a guy into crypto and he called Verge and Tron shitcoins. I just laughed, went home and bought more of both.

TRONIX is the Cryptocurrency running on TRON which also supports other currencies in service of the distributed economy.
Justin Sun, the founder of TRON had announced a few days ago, the main net of TRON will be launched in advance. TRON supporters are delighted about the advance launch while some are skeptical about how the tech team will accelerate the development progress and the launch.
In a recent interview, Lucien Chen, the tech director of TRON, said:

We graded all functions according to the priority analysis of user needs. The main net launching in May will have all high priority functions. Functions with lower priority will be deployed later in the form of version upgrades. 

Lucien Chen claimed the release date of the test net will be March 31st with full functionalities.
Justin Sun, the former chief representative for Ripple is the founder of TRON which is amongst the top 20 coins in the crypto market today. With an average daily turnover of $3 million, nearly 50 thousand people own TRON worldwide.
Kevin, a Twitter user and a market observer stated:

At 5 cents, this coin is a STEAL!! Easily a top 5 coin for 2018 with 20x gain or probably more. TRON, top 5 highest volume alt coin, on major exchanges, and has all the ingredients to be on Coinbase and GDAX in the near future. TRON to the MOON! 

Despite the weekly gain, there have been criticisms from inside the TRON community against Justin Sun and Tron Foundation’s comments regarding alleged “paid” coverage of the Tron Main Net release covered by Reuters and Yahoo Finance as “exclusives”
Dan Holley a Twitter follower says,

You know these are paid press releases, right? Tantamount to purchasing ad space 

Despite TRON’s unnecessary buzz, market analysts believe the real value in the TRX team is their tech addition and the announcement of the Tron main net which will remove the ETH dependancy. There have been questions about the apparent “coin burn” which was expected soon. The Main Net release, coupled with a ‘good’ Bitcoin market would be the ideal environment for TRON. 
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