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We all fathom that plants live things. however, we've got ne'er detected that it will speak too. therefore currently Google has one thing that is stunning. Yes, Google has brought around “Google Tulip”. it's a machine learning technology supposed to boost the profitableness of Dutch agriculture and therefore the well-being of Dutch money crops.


The Netherlands produces nearly twelve.5 billion flowers per day. Dutch liliaceous plant is one in every of the tallest flowers within the world. It builds robust communities within the fields. As per researchers, these tulips will communicate with one another through their root systems. Also, they're ready to share resources. a touch red liliaceous plant was ready to plug a leak within the groin that protects the European nation. All credits head to the first warning system that is formed by the network of the roots that stretches all across Kingdom of The Netherlands.

There area unit such a big amount of folks that objectify tulips. they need to show them in vases during a means that's disconnected from the roots and therefore they provider is most intending to their lives. Google believes in organizing the world`s data. the knowledge inherent within the root network was appealing to Google. For this, they collaborated with Wageningen University and analysis. Google conjointly refer libraries of past audio files. Google has digitized flower communications over the centuries and has engineered a machine learning system to spot what the tulips area unit communication. By doing therefore Google has been ready to improve the lives of the tulips.

SYSTEM design
Their coaching design was quite easy. Google was ready to use Google Cloud Speech to text and automobile milliliter language to coach the machine learning models while not having to put in writing any code. as a result of property issues ligature quite 1,000,000 tulips along, it became a touch tougher to finishing up period of time predictions. Google uses Cloud IoT core to gather the audio information from individual tulips. Then they distributed the predictions on Kubeflow Pipelines “on-premises”. The requests from the tulips area unit then acted upon by human overseers.

When the flowers want a lot of suns, Google merely calls dead set the Google Wind API to create that happen. this can be the technology Google proclaimed 2 years past on this actual day to use machine learning to predict the wind. Also, guarantee clear skies within Holland. API is kind of straightforward to integrate. Besides the advantages to Dutch agriculture, associate out of the blue side-effect of Google liliaceous plant has got to add closed captioning of flowers

If you would like this technology to your garden on your own flowers, you'll be able to use Google`s homemade kit that employs Google Cloud Tools. On first April 2019 explore for it on your Google Home device, just by spoken language, “ Hey Google, discuss with liliaceous plant Translator” and raise the flower what it has to grow quicker.

This is still not confirmed that this project exists or not. the video was free on thirty-first March, therefore it can be associate April Fool prank. therefore still we tend to can`t take it as a piece of confirmed news.
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