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une was a particularly interesting month, and highly unpredictable – perhaps even more so than usual, especially given the high stakes for 
Bitcoin and altcoins. We see many of the coins in the red after the past thirty days, including in the top 10 by the market capitalization category, though admittedly the numbers are not that high for the majority of them

Four out of the 10 coins on the list are painted green this time, comparing to all of them a month ago. The winner is definitely Bitcoin, which appreciated 29.39%, and it can likely be contributed to the recent rises and falls in price pushing the crypto spring. It is followed by Bitcoin SV (10.41%), Ethereum (10.19%), and Litecoin (9.97%). The worst performing coin by far was EOS, with a heavy drop of -25.35%. All other in-the-red coins remain in the single-digit drop.

Top 10 winners

Looking at the top 50 coins by market capitalization list now, we find the recently-issued Bitfinex exchange token, LEO, standing as the winner, continuing its run through the crypto ranks. LEO had an excellent month, rising by whopping 3,396.75%. No other coin comes even near this, with number two in this category being Egretia that saw a rise of 607.64%, and Link went up by 211.63%. The last coin among the ten winners of June is Huobi Token with a noteworthy rise of 25.78%.

Top 10 losers

There were quite a few coins on the losing end in June too. We see Tezos (which was one of the winners in April) at the first place in this category dropping by 38.79%, followed by Waves with -32.53%. The last two on the list are Bitcoin Diamond (-11.17%) and Lisk (-12.59%).

Winners & Losers from the Top 100/200

Looking at the winners in the top 100 category, we find that Quant jumped up by 290.96%, followed by Energi with 271.26% and EDUCare with 144.38%. In the top 200, UUU jumped by 778.03%, XMX by 676.20%, and BCAC by 554.57%.
The loses were not any more drastic than usual, with Waltonchain dropping by 33.81% and Verge with 27.32% in the top 100, while in the top 200 TRUE dropped by 44.89% and TFUEL by 38.51%.

Second Quarter

Second quarter results are also in. Looking at the top 10 coins by market capitalization, we see Bitcoin SV standing as the winner with a rise of 204.16%. In the second place is Bitcoin (163.52%), followed by Bitcoin Cash (142.45).


Among the top 50 coins, Egretia is once again a clear winner, jumping by 6,193.40%. In the second place is LEO, rising by 2,307.90 in the second quarter of 2019.


We find 8 coins in the red, with Waves dropping the most (-35.09%), followed by MKR (-12.06%) in the second place, while OKB (-0.16) remained almost unchanged.

First half of the year

Binance Coin dominates the list of the top 10 coins by market capitalization in the first half of 2019, rising by 424.93%, and it's followed by Litecoin with 299.33% and Bitcoin with 189.27%. All but Ripple (+13.80%) jumped by more than 100%.


Looking at the top 50 coins list, the winner is Egretia with a massive rise of 14,247.45%. LEO saw a rise of 2,306.24%, followed by QBIT (1,397.67%) and Link (1,062.94%).


Image source - coindesk
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