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Samsung on Thursday announced the expansion of its lifestyle Home Entertainment portfolio with the addition of what the company is calling its ‘First Outdoor 4K QLED TV’. Called ‘The Terrace‘, the device has just been launched in the US and Canada, and will be rolled out to Germany, Australia, New Zealand and a few other select markets later this year. A ‘professional model’ of the Terrace will also be launched for enterprises by the end of this year, said Samsung.

The Terrace TV

According to Samsung, the Terrace has been designed specifically with the weather in mind. It is protected from the elements, thanks to its water-proofing and dust-resistance, as denoted by its IP55 rating. It also comes fitted for easy installation outdoors across a variety of settings, said the company.

In terms of tech specs, the Terrace provides a brightness level of 2,000 nits, essential for clear outdoor visibility. It has a high motion rate of MR240 for motion-intensive content, like sports. It also comes with an anti-reflective coating to minimize unwanted glare. The TV also has adaptive picture technology to optimize content for its surroundings.

On the software side of things, the Terrace runs Samsung’s IoT platform, Tizen. It also comes with Samsung TV Plus, a free linear TV video service with over 120 channels. There’s also pre-loaded Samsung Health, which launches in the US next week. The Terrace also supports multiple voice assistants, including Bixby, Amazon Alexa, and soon, Google Assistant.

The Terrace Soundbar

Alongside the Terrace TV, Samsung also launched the Terrace Soundbar for the outdoors. According to the company, the soundbar offers dynamic sound that redefine the dimensions of home theater. “It packs powerful and crisp audio for a truly immersive outdoor home theater experience”, said the company.

The Terrace Soundbar comes with distortion-cancelling technology that helps deliver a deep and clear bass sound from its built-in woofers. It also offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing it to be paired with The Terrace TV or with other devices. It also comes with an IP55 rating just like the display, denoting weather-resistance.

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